Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Temple Joins Earth Hour 2012

The Cebu City Philippines Temple will join the whole world in the observance of EARTH HOUR on Saturday 8:30PM, March 31,2012. Earth Hour is a global campaign to combat climate change. It is a worldwide initiative showing how all segment of the society can address the threat of global warming. Joining the Earth Hour campaign will let people know that , Latter Day Saints are just as concern in taking care and celebrating of one thing we all have in common , a gift from God - the planet Earth. Except for the Temple ground, Homes, Patron Housing, Utility Building and the Meetinghouse all lights in the Temple Complex will be switched off earlier than its normal lights off schedule.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Patron Housing Reservation

Patron House ready for full occupancy again starting next week
The Patron Housing is looking up for another full house operation starting next week. Units from all over the Temple District already had their schedules booked since last year. The Stake center and the old Lahug Chapel are also prepared to cater the overflow from the patron housing. The preparations for the upcoming busy days were done in coordination with all the concerned employees with the objective of providing the best of accommodation experience patrons would have.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fire System Orientation on Missionaries

Engineers answering questions from the missionaries
As part of the Temple Complex Fire Prevention and Emergency Response Awareness, missionaries living at the 3rd floor of the Patron Housing were given an orientation by the Engineering Team. The missionaries who are serving in the Temple have their questions and concerns addressed during the said meeting. The orientation was scheduled with their regular Monday Family Home Evening along with the Temple President and Sister Mortimer. The Patron Housing Coordinators and the Security Group also attended the said orientation.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fire Prevention Activity

Engineers giving orientation of the system
Everyone watch the opening of fire hydrant
 The Cebu City Philippines Temple conducted orientation and training to Temple employees from all department working at the complex. They were brief on the Fire detection & Alarm system  and the Fire suppression system in place. They were also refreshed with the emergency response plan and the responsibility of each employee in scenario of fire, earthquakes and during the evacuation.  The vacant lot adjacent to the complex was the scene for the fire extinguishing activity. Participants did not mind the searing heat of the 12 noon sun and of the flame as everyone excitedly participated in the activity. During the 2 Fire hoses set up event, the Security Department tied up with Laundry Department in setting the quickest time of less a minute.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Salamat and Ayo ayo Byrams

First counselor of the Temple Presidency , President Jesse Byram and his dear wife, Sister Debbie were invited speakers during the Temple employee's opening devotional of their 1st quarter Performance reporting meeting held in the temple. The couple will soon be home after 23 months serving in the Temple Presidency. The couple expressed their love and praises to the employees having been with them from the time the Temple was dedicated when, President Byram was just amazed to see that it went through just fine with all the efforts put forth among concerned.