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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Temple Presidency

The Cebu City Philippines Temple presidency is now complete.Brother Gomez Siady was called as the 2nd Counselor of the Cebu City Philippines Temple succeeding President Reynaldo Cuyong. President Siady had served in various church callings in his 34 years membership since being baptized way back 1977 in Cebu. He and his wife, Sis Liza Tio, were actively serving as Assistant Temple Recorder and Ordinance Worker respectively in the Cebu City Philippines Temple prior to the calling.They also served as part time couple missionary in the Philippines Cebu Mission.They attend the Capitol Ward of the Cebu City Central Stake.He serves along with Temple President Gerald Mortimer and 1st Counselor President Jesse Lee Byram in fulfilling the mission of the Church through Temple ordinances.

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MuaHRi said...

Congatulatiopns to Pres. Siady!