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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Salamat and Ayo ayo Byrams

First counselor of the Temple Presidency , President Jesse Byram and his dear wife, Sister Debbie were invited speakers during the Temple employee's opening devotional of their 1st quarter Performance reporting meeting held in the temple. The couple will soon be home after 23 months serving in the Temple Presidency. The couple expressed their love and praises to the employees having been with them from the time the Temple was dedicated when, President Byram was just amazed to see that it went through just fine with all the efforts put forth among concerned.
Posing with the Byram on the Temple ground

She shared her feelings of joy in seeing her family soon and sadness in leaving those whom she felt has become a family to them. Sister Debbie exhorted them with their task "to do it with kindness and love" and "be the answers to the prayers" as they help and assist patrons. She narrated  at how she felt that Heavenly Father "does always give us the light" looking at those lighting that arch on the temple as she drove by during a night back in Idaho, USA.

The employees were humbled as President Byram commended their effort in the operation and maintenance of the House of the Lord.He shared  with them account of the Easy Company as an example of how  few but dedicated men can accomplished much. He took a light moment on Filipino's love on eating "fish" and how he likes eating fish also but "without the head". He then went on to a different kind of "fish" not allowed in the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is being "selfish". Temple employees were glad to know  from them giving a hint that they will be coming back.
(Ayo-ayo - Take care & God Bless ; Salamat - Thank You)

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