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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Workers Undergo First Aid/BLS Training

Elder Jorgensen stressing a point
The first batch of trainees coming from the Temple and Security Department underwent First Aid/Basic Life Support and Transport training. The training was conducted by the LDS Seagull Emergency Rescue Team.The valuable participation of  Elder Jorgensen,a Temple missionary, who is also an Emergency Management Technician in the US makeS the training more meaningful and helpful. The training was divided into two Mondays 8 hour sessions.
Bandaging Time
On the 2nd Monday the trainees put into practice what had been taught and learned a week earlier during the first day classroom setting.Adrenaline ran high as they went into emergency scenarios in the Temple and in the
Bambie taking the pulse as observed
Patron Housing. 
Elder Jorgensen and Seagull Team  
Seagull's team role played  and observed the conduct and made critique after each scenario performed.In every succeeding scenario, improvement is evident on time response, actions taken on the patient and in transporting.Overall the training boost the level of confidence on trainees as they perform their job,should emergency case arise in the complex and even in their respective homes.To maintain readiness and knowledge preservation, the training will be integrated to the Temple worker's regular maintenance activities schedule. 

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