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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fire Prevention Activity

Engineers giving orientation of the system
Everyone watch the opening of fire hydrant
 The Cebu City Philippines Temple conducted orientation and training to Temple employees from all department working at the complex. They were brief on the Fire detection & Alarm system  and the Fire suppression system in place. They were also refreshed with the emergency response plan and the responsibility of each employee in scenario of fire, earthquakes and during the evacuation.  The vacant lot adjacent to the complex was the scene for the fire extinguishing activity. Participants did not mind the searing heat of the 12 noon sun and of the flame as everyone excitedly participated in the activity. During the 2 Fire hoses set up event, the Security Department tied up with Laundry Department in setting the quickest time of less a minute.
The event was culminated with them aiming the fire hose to the plants as the imaginary fire. The activity is part of the regular readiness update of the temple workers and firefighting system in the complex. The engineering team facilitated the activity in conjunction with the observance of Fire Prevention Month.


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