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We are pleased to share 3 job opportunities in the Area Office and Manila Temple in Quezon City.  We are currently seeking:
·        HR Specialist/Generalist (Level 95) – Posting ID 185836.  Deadline on July 9, 2017
·        Architect 2 (Level 95) – Posting ID 185033.  Deadline on June 30, 2017
·        Cebu Temple Facilities Assistant (Level 89) – Posting ID 185780.  Deadline on July 2, 2017
·        Facilities Management Administrative Assistant in Ormoc (Level 87) – Posting ID 186347.  Deadline on July 9, 2017

Please see attached job postings for more details on the job summary, qualifications and requirements. 

Feel free to forward this announcement to your referrals and post the attached posters at chapel bulletin boards and Self-Reliance Centers.

Interested applicants should submit an application via the Church’s career website https://careers.lds.org on or before the deadline.

Applicants must be an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and currently temple worthy.


​   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Architect 2 (Job Grade 95)

Employment with the Church provides not only an amazing sense of purpose but also opportunities for great personal growth, both spiritually and professionally.   As you give your best efforts to the Lord, you are regularly taught and instructed by leaders of the Church.  This position helps provide and maintain facilities which give  Church members places where they can work, worship, teach, learn, pray together, make and renew covenants, and receive sacred ordinances.
ü  Working under the direction of the Manager, this role will carry out a variety of moderately complex to complex architectural assignments, exercising considerable to extensive latitude in the use of initiatives and independent judgment.
ü  Provides services in the research, design, development, construction, alteration or repair of buildings and large structures
ü  Collects and analyzes technical data to determine project requirements
ü  Prepares information regarding specifications, materials, equipment, estimated costs, and completion times
ü  Conducts inspections and tests for compliance with laws and adherence to project specifications
ü  Coordinates resources to assure that all project requirements are properly established by performing an objective analysis and conducting effect meetings with stakeholders
ü  Temple recommend holder
ü  Bachelor's Degree in Architecture with current professional license
ü  Minimum of 10 years post education experience practicing architecture
ü  Must be able to lead/design documentation for projects of average complexity
ü  Must be able to evaluate the performance of project teams
ü  Must be able to establish and meet realistic schedules and budgets
ü  Can communicate effectively with ecclesiastical leaders and all clients and consultants
ü  Knowledgeable in CAD systems, Microsoft office applications and tech savvy
Are you our ideal Architect 2?
The work schedule is 7:30 am to 4:30 pm on Monday to Friday.  Location is at the Philippine Area Office in Greenmeadows, Quezon City.
Qualified applicants will be notified thru the mobile number listed in their application.  This position is subject to close without notice.
Submit an application today via the Church’s career website on or before
June 30, 2017
https://careers.lds.org - POSITION ID # 185033
Requirements     (1) LDS Account                    (3) Tax Identification Number
                                (2) SSS Number                     (4) Worthiness Certificate/Letter of Recommendation from Bishop or Branch President

Beehive Cutter Apprentice (Job Grade 87)
Employment with the Church provides not only an amazing sense of purpose but opportunities for great personal growth, both spiritually and professionally, as you give your best efforts to the Lord and are regularly taught and instructed by leaders of the Church.  This position exists to take rolls of fabric and spread, cut and assemble the cut pieces into bundles that can be delivered to the sewing process.  The customers are the sewing operators.  The customer expects to receive bundles of cut fabric that contain the correct pieces in the proper size, quantity and quality for each style.  The bundles must contain the correct piece rate tickets and care labels.  The bundles must be packaged in a consistent manner according to the bundling and assembly process.
ü  Create cutting marker under the direction of the cutter by laying out the patterns and tracing them onto the cutting marker
ü  Spread fabric using either an automated or manually operated spreading machine
ü  Complete record of each roll of fabric and the quantities used from each roll
ü  Under the direction of the cutter, use an electric textile cutting knife to cut each of the pattern pieces within the allowed tolerance
ü  Assemble or bundle cut parts, including the proper rate ticket for the style and size of garment in each bundle
ü  Must be an endowed member with a current and valid Temple Recommend
ü  At least a high school graduate with 2 years in college
ü  Requires good hand dexterity, quick and accurate hand and finger movements
ü  Have good basic math skills
ü  Requires good physical conditioning
ü  Will require fast repetitive movements throughout the day
ü  During the course of the day, there will be repeated twisting, bending, kneeling, stooping, and climbing onto cutting tables
ü  There will be repeated lifting of fabric rolls and bundles weighing up to 50 pounds
ü  Prior experience working in a fast paced manufacturing environment
ü  Computer skills, oral and written English communication skills
ü  Flexibility in changing priorities, and in working in a swing shift rotation (6:00 AM to 2:00 PM or 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM)
Beehive Plant's employment is competitive in the market and provides opportunity for growth within and beyond the Plant.
The work schedule of 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM or 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Monday thru Friday, provides opportunity for continuing education or other interests.  The start and end time may vary by 15 minutes
Qualified applicants will be notified thru the cellphone number listed in their application.  The status of application is sent thru email, so ensure emails are checked frequently and it remains active.  This position is subject to close without notice.
Submit an application today via the Church’s career website on or before June 26, 2017:
careers.ldschurch.org - POSITION ID # 185817
Requirements(1) LDS Account               (3) Tax Identification Number
                       (2) SSS Number            (4) Worthiness Certificate/Letter of Recommendation from  Bishop or Branch President

is in need of
POSITION TITLE: Building Assistant Engineer 3, Grade 92
This position as work leader, acts as resource to custodians, security guards and gardeners. Assists the Facilities Manager in the general supervision of the physical plant and operates, maintains and repairs mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and equipment assigned to him by the Facilities Manager.
Function as an assistant building engineer and act as a building engineer when the building engineer is not present. Sees all air conditioning equipment and controls operate at maximum efficiency by conducting preventive maintenance servicing and making repairs as needed. Services water filter system with UV rays for drinking water. Conducting regularly filter and UV rays replacement and water testing at least once a month for the first year of operation. Operates sewage treatment plant (STP) as per operation manual and in compliance with the desired effluent. Conduct preventive maintenance servicing and making repairs as needed. Services and repairs laundry equipment such as commercial dryers, washers, supply of water lines and valves. Services and repairs of all kitchen systems such as dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, ice maker, bread maker and etc. Maintains electrical system including the following:
o Heaving industrial high voltage three phase wiring
o Conventional and electronic motor control system
o Maintaining and repairing lighting system including 110, 220 volts and 3 way 24 volt lighting system
Cleans, maintains, and repairs electronic system, adjusting and repair TV terminals, printers, cable lines and power lines. Services and adjust all projection sound and communication systems. Make necessary modifications to any MTC mechanical and electrical systems as needed. Participates in preparation of yearly facilities budget process
Must have a current temple recommend. Must be a licensed mechanical engineer. Completion of 2 years of technical training plus 6 six years of experience. Computer literate. Knowledgeable in MS Windows such as word, excel, power point, visio and project. Thorough understanding of all aspects of physical plant operation as demonstrated by 4 year experience in physical plant operation (preferably as a Mechanical Engineer, Asst. Building Engineer in a building complex) including extensive experience in skilled trades-electrical, electronics, plumbing, welding, carpentry, painting, general construction, blueprint/schematics reading, mechanics, HVAC, and floor coverings. Strong leadership, training and organizational skills. Familiarity with health regulations. Licensed Mechanical Engineer as required by local law. Provides back-up to Facilities Manager
1. Standard Application Form for employment
2. Worthiness Certificate from applicant’s bishop/branch president
3. Social Security System and Tax Identification Numbers
4. One passport size picture
5. Transcripts of Records (copy only)
6. Work Experience Certificate/s
7. Training Certificate/s
Interested applicants must post their profile on www.ldsjobs.org and email their letter of intent to PHL-HRD-Jobs@ldschurch.org on or before April 20, 2012 to:
Manila Philippines Administration Office
#13 Temple Drive Greenmeadows, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. 6359-137; 155; 174


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