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Thursday, September 25, 2014


In an email from the Temple Recorder to all leaders within the Temple district, the following closing dates are given.
Oct 4 (after 11 am session)-  Gen Women’s Meeting Rebroadcast.
Oct 11-          GC Rebroadcast
Dec 24-          Christmas Eve
Dec 25-          Christmas Day
Dec 31-          New Year’s Eve
Jan 1, 2015-   New Year’s Day
Jan 12- Jan 26, 2015-        Maintenance Shutdown

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Additional Saturday Session

The Area Presidency and Temple Presidency agreed to allow more time and opportunity on Saturday for patrons to come to temple when there is no work or school.

Beginning 4th Q, Y2014 (effective Oct 18) , we will add ONE more endowment session on a Saturday. Instead of five sessions, we will also have six sessions just like during the weekdays. This was done by adjusting the starting time of the sessions as follows:

1st session – 9 am
2nd session- 11 am
3rd session – 1 pm
4th session- 3 pm
5th session- 4:30 pm
6th session- 6 pm