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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Tatay" Passes Away

The cortege passing by the temple on the way to the memorial park
Efren De Dios 1.JPG
He is called "Tatay" not for any reason. It is the noblest endearing word accorded by those many whose lives are touched with his association,making a difference on their lives as they knew him.His life is a hallmark of dedication to God, Family,Church and in serving others, even to those beyond the veil. 

When he and his loving wife could have enjoyed the years together for themselves after many years of constant address change brought by his employment, they stayed on and moved even closer to the temple so they can come as often to the House of the Lord. The many who came to express love and respect to the man who to them is aptly called "Tatay" for in him one can feel what it is like to be a son or a daughter. The loss of him in  the family is great , much so with the work he love most doing, in family history and as assistant to the Temple Recorder. His ever warmth smile will be missed by everyone ,  till we met again... Tatay Efren De Dios.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Workers Undergo First Aid/BLS Training

Elder Jorgensen stressing a point
The first batch of trainees coming from the Temple and Security Department underwent First Aid/Basic Life Support and Transport training. The training was conducted by the LDS Seagull Emergency Rescue Team.The valuable participation of  Elder Jorgensen,a Temple missionary, who is also an Emergency Management Technician in the US makeS the training more meaningful and helpful. The training was divided into two Mondays 8 hour sessions.
Bandaging Time
On the 2nd Monday the trainees put into practice what had been taught and learned a week earlier during the first day classroom setting.Adrenaline ran high as they went into emergency scenarios in the Temple and in the

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

University of Bohol Educational Tour

Students at the center isle listening to the missionaries

Students from University of Bohol, College of Liberal Arts,came in two buses to have a guided tour with missionaries inside the Temple Complex.As more people visit the Complex, it becomes a magnet for others to come as well and learn about the Church and the Temple.

Monday, September 5, 2011

PH Missionary to Manila Temple Presidency

 "How can you say "No", when a Lord's servant  come face to face, extending the call to serve?" quipped Elder Gale.  Elder and Sister Gale are still feeling the humbling experience they have had with Elder Michael Teh , and on being called to be the 2nd counselor of Manila Philippines Temple.Sister Gale said, "I cried, knowing that  we cannot say "No" to the Lord".