Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Students Visit Temple Facility

Students listening to the missionaries welcoming them
Surigao State College students in their bus after the tour
The modern construction techniques,materials application and the stringent quality conformance have been a byword to those who have been into the complex.The Temple Complex is
equip with the latest technology on building management system and controls. Its no wonder that it has been a frequent destination of educational tours of schools

from Visayas and Mindanao since its construction stage. Today, about 90 students and faculty of Surigao State College of Technology visited the Temple Complex Facility today. The objective during their visit is for them to be updated on latest technology application on system and processes.In coordination with the missionaries of the Cebu Philippines Mission,

the Engineers provided a tour to the Complex facility for the group.The group were brought into area of interest in relation with their education and oriented on the operation of such. Prior to the tour proper, the missionaries have a film showing about Temples and at the conclusion of the tour,the missionaries have a teaching moment and share Church literature and copies of the Book of Mormon.


MuaHRi said...

This is nice!

Anonymous said...

A Technical school from Bohol, and Electrical & cIVIL engineers from VizMin areA have already visited the Temple Complex