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Friday, February 17, 2012

House of Order

Attending temple session is always a spiritual feast. The feeling of being all equal and same in purpose is very notable as all are dressed in white. All are treated warmly kind and the assistance of the workers and volunteers done in spirit of love. The  sweet spirits are  aplenty inside. Indeed one can say that the Temple gives an uplifting and edifying experiences as he or she comes prepared and ready.
The tranquility and peace inside  is inspiring and an expression of inward’s appreciation of just by being in His house. It brings one closer  to  Him. Anybody who goes  through the recommend desk  is a precious son and daughter of God, who wants to claim blessings, do divine service , leave the earthly woes outside, and come out a better person to take up the challenges of the world.
 So what happens if a personality , a well- known or even a General Authority comes to the temple?  How does the Temple “react” ? Does  a “star-struck” feeling  overwhelming? Would  the activities inside grind to a halt? Good for those who were inside the Temple yesterday (Thursday) around 3-7 P.M,  when a prominent patron came to attend session .Its  a bonus for them to be there right on that time. They can be asked how did it go inside , for many can tell what was the scene outside. The Temple being the literal House of the Lord is a house of order, and that can be attested by them.
a visitor at the engineers office

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