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Monday, August 1, 2011

Temple is Ready for You!!

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday August 02, Cebu City Philippines Temple reopens  after its two week scheduled maintenance activities. Aside from the repairs done, the Temple and the facilities in the complex underwent significant equipment additions and improvements, landscape and greens rejuvenation, intensive cleaning and repainting. It was also a time to have the backup generators tested in compliance to government environmental requirement. The Fire fighting and detection system functionality  test and Water tanks cleaning were conducted.

What the patrons and guests would notice as soon they enter the complex are the nicely cut tops of the Royal Palms  as its canopy - like leaves prominently expand after the trimming and pest control. Entering the Patron Housing,the dining area's  brightly shined metals match with the deep cleaned interiors. With the installation of additional softener plant at the Patron Housing, softened hot water is reliably supplied. Inside the Temple, as always, its beautiful and spiritual.The standards set by the First Presidency in operating and maintaining the Temple being closely followed. All these things are done to keep the whole place edifying and spiritual. Now that the Temple is all ready, are we? 


uniquely me said...

Will it be possible to post the temple ordinance schedule? This will be especially helpful to those who are planning their Cebu trip itinerary

Cebu Temple said...

Thanks, Its now posted under Temple Schedule.