Monday, July 18, 2011

Share Your Temple Stories

The curriculum department  is gathering  edifying stories from parents, leaders and the youths.Selected inputs will be used in an article to be printed for the Liahona . With the Cebu City Philippines Temple in operation for a year now, and with the numerous members whose lives are touch by their wonderful experiences in the Temple, it is hoped that they be made known. Read the following invitation.....

" Victor Cave from the curriculum department is seeking our assistance in gathering stories from parents, leaders of the youth, and the youth themselves about times when they felt the Spirit, gained their own testimony, found a solution in the scriptures, received an answer to prayer, etc.
Your inputs will be used in an article that will be written by Melissa Merrill for the main pages of the Liahona magazine. She will be focusing on strengthening young men and women ages 12-18 by helping them have their own spiritual experiences.

Melissa is very interested in receiving practical ideas about things leaders and parents can do to foster an environment where youth can discover and build their own testimonies. In other words, what can a parent or leader do not to force a young person to obtain a testimony but to guide the youth and facilitate a testimony-building experience? Are there things they can do at home? In classes on Sunday? At youth activities?
For those who are interested, please email your contributions to me ( on or before 31 July 2011."

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