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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Missionaries Facility Orientation

Briefing on the Recycled water used to water the greens

Inside the Generator Room
Temple Missionaries of the Cebu City Philippines Temple went into an orientation and site visit of the Complex Facilities. The engineering team headed by Engr. Joey Asuncion had a great time explaining to them various equipment and its operation in keeping the Temple facility working. The missionaries were having a first hand view on the state of
the art technology
and processes in place. They were toured into the
Looking at the building management system monitors
Sewage Treatment Plant where they were shown how the “gray” water coming from sewer and toilets is processed and turned into clear water for use again in watering the greens and the urinals/toilets. They were assured of reliable electricity supply in their apartment as they see the  500KVA Generator set that automatically switch on when the utility power fails. The are assured of the water quality used in their drinking faucet as they were briefed on the Purified water system at the Utility building. To cap the site visit, they were brought to the Engineers office. There, they were oriented graphically how the building management system is being utilized to maintain the Temple's comfortable temperature , lighting automation, controls of all the processes and system at less energy consumption

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