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Friday, December 16, 2011

Employees YearEnd Gathering

 Temple Employees

"Eat all you can" pause for a pose
Ready!Aim! STRIKE!!
As the year about to end and another year to look forward to, Temple employees held their annual year end review and goal setting. It was a whole day activity opened with a inspiring messages and counsels from the Temple President and the Temple Recorder. Every section took turns in reporting their accomplishments, challenges and goals for the upcoming year. The team went out for lunch that fully filled them after the early fillings of things spiritual at the onset of the activity. The rest of the noon was spent in showcasing the employees bowling skills.
The whole day activity was a success as it brings everyone in the team to know more each other in a setting outside the Temple. Employees look forward to this kind of gathering as they do their work in accordance to Temple standards and keeping patrons uplifted and edified each time they visit the Temple all year round.

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