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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Missionary Couple Thanks Members

Elder & Sister Ward
Dear Friends,

The crowning experience of our mission has been our work in the temple. We have felt joy in the miracle of the mastery of the temple ordinance work by the Filipino Saints. Our most precious memories have come as we have worked side by side with all of you. We are awed by the dedicated devotion of local members who regularly attend the temple. We are moved to tears with the sacrifices made by distant members who travel hundred of kilometers to come to the temple, often over stormy seas, rough roads, few funds but with tremendous trust, testimony and faith. We are amazed with the sheer volume of temple work that has been done. We are humbled to know that we have been blessed to be a small part of this marvelous work. Our testimonies of the savior and of temple work have grown immensely.
You have warmed us with your love. We are leaving a part of our  hearts here in Cebu. As i (we) pondered what we could do to show our love, this words came into my mind. We dedicate this Temple poem to all of you who have touch our lives so greatly as we have served in the Cebu Temple.

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