Saturday, December 20, 2014

Employees & Ordinance Worker Social

The Temple Presidency Couples
 After it was postponed due to typhoon early this month, the Temple Devotional and Social were held on Monday afternoon, December 15. The tone of the activity was set during the Devotional and climaxed with the Temple Service Missionaries reciting the " The Living Christ:The Testimony of The Apostles".Even with the activity held on Monday, when many workers were working or are busy attending office and school activities, the event was well attended. The participation of everyone especially during the rendition of the modified song "Twelve Days of Christmas" brought fun and laughter to the crowded hall. The Social which followed after the Devotional ended at 5PM. 
The Four Blushing Brides

 The Temple Missionaries 

Temple Employees and Ordinance Workers 

Enjoying the program

The Matron taking part on the presentation

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