Monday, August 6, 2012


Elders Giango, Mulet & Temcang
Three former missionaries of the Phils Baguio Mission cross paths in the Cebu City Phils Temple. The former Elder's , Giango, Mulet and Temcang coming from Mindanao and Visayas became acquainted in their mission.Llittle did they knew that their paths would cross again.Only at this time, no longer at the vineyard field but right inside the House of the Lord serving in another capacity. Brother Giango works as volunteer ordinance worker, Mulet is with the Engineering team and Temcang is with the contractors maintaining the Temple.When their work schedule allow them to be at the temple at the same time is to them like a trip to the best two years of their lives. The joy of reminiscing down memory lane seems endless and spiritually recharging.Indeed who they were 22 years ago , define them who they are today. They are planning to hold a reunion with their fellow Baguio return missionaries come December this year.

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