Thursday, January 5, 2012

RM's Reunions

Phils Baguio Mission 89-92  reunion pose
The Temple being a beacon of our faith in the Lord, provide a very wonderful backdrop for return missionaries to hold reunions. Cebu City Philippines Temple complex has been such since it was dedicated. Missionaries around the
country find time to come and met there. Some of this reunions were initiated and hosted by their former mission presidents. Among them are the Phils Davao Mission with Elder Jovencio Ilagan  and the Phils San Pablo Mission with President Gerald Mortimer .Even without their "fathers" in their mission , a few of return missionaries just initiate their own reunions. The idea of meeting again  their fellow servant whom they have work with a long time ago in proclaiming the gospel is just fantastic. The feeling of being together after how many years of not seeing each other is an opportunity one cannot afford to let pass by. The joy of actually talking and reminiscing those wonderful and not so wonderful, wacky and spiritual moments during their mission time is contagious. Those kind of feelings make reunions of return missionaries more memorable. It brings positiveness to those whose faith might be on ember. It awakens one to remember what great work been done through him or her for the salvation of mankind. At the end of the day, all can agree, that time is short for everything to talk about in the greatest two  years and 18 months of their life . With hope that as each bade farewells, come next reunion , the greater the resolve to straighten things out and endure to the end. 

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