Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The evening with Elder J Holland was very enlightening  to the Young Single Adults.and the rest of the attendees.A few of the Single Adults fielded questions which then Elder & Sister Teh and Elder & Sister  Callister took turn in sharing their thoughts about it. The questions  deals with the challenges SA's  are facing, like getting married  and living in a not so friendly family environment. The answers are equally inspiring and with personal touch as the Authorities shared their experiences in relation to the challenges faced by the SA's.  Elder Michael Teh had a preview of what Elder J Holland will talk about as he explained the emphasis on the "SA" part of the "YSA" word

Members while away the time after the devotional
 Elder Holland issued a challenged as well to the single adults "We need you (YSA's) to signed on and step up, because you are Adults....more to act that way" To return missionaries his counsel is " not to fall back when after mission" He contrasted on those who "act like nothing happens" when returning from mission. On those who are postponing marriage due to financial constraints , he said that it "has nothing to do with money...that everything in this earth is about faith". He cited the brother of Jared and the effort of Abinadi in stressing the importance of faith. He narrated a very powerful conversation in a stake conference setting  when a General Authority and a member who showed up and  being alone representing the unit where he came from, sounds apologetic. The GA stood and reminded the member to never " ever , ever ,ever apologized for being the only one" Elder Holland ended his message with an admonition for the Adults to stand up to the challenges, for they will be the leaders of the young generation and that in the end " what God will be looking for is the one who will stand ".


MuaHRi said...

Sa asa pwede nato ma view ang iyang complete talk? thanks!

Anonymous said...

I doubt there's a copy to view as the messages came out freely. Nobody seems recording it as well. Maybe there are some who took notes and who could share

MuaHRi said...

I hope it will come out in the news section of Liahona next month! Thanks!