Saturday, July 2, 2011

Temple Card Calendar 2011

It is halfway of the year and the 2011 pocket card calendar are still a plenty. Its available at the receiving dest and at the administration office, nicely placed in a clear plastic holder. These are  now available at the Patron Housing reception desk for those who have no recommend. Aside from the information printed on that card, what is so unique with it is actually the photo on it.
 The photography is just splendid and taken just right on a sunny day.The grandness of the..
Temple, as it sits atop the hilly portion of the area and overlooking the main street was well taken. This image will not come again, there's the fire tree there yet! That what makes this first ever calendar card sentimental and a history in your pocket. Go get one... and be reminded to come unto the House of the Lord.

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