Thursday, June 8, 2017

Testimony: AlI is Lost

"I did not realize, that all is lost (family relationship) had i not came back in the Church" ,a teary eyed brother shared his feelings as he recieved her wife in the temple. After being away in Church for 18 yrs and finally be sealed to his family and parents he was overwhelmed of the love God has for him.
What made it more special is their son who is on a full time mission was allowed to fly to Cebu, so they can be sealed altogether.
He narrated how he kept to himself from his children that he is a returned missionary-a successful missionary.
His son's response to the Prophet's announcement of lowering the missionary age to 18 years old made an impression on him. The meeting with his son's institute teacher described to him a "very good teacher" confirmed his thought that it was his fellow RM in the same mission.Their reunion was usual of long seen fellow RM's-tight hugs and long memory recalls- much so, knowing that one of them is struggling.
The writer is honored to once again see this brother after 26 years and be shared of a spiritual journey full of thanksgiving to God

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