Saturday, December 20, 2014

Employees & Ordinance Worker Social

The Temple Presidency Couples
 After it was postponed due to typhoon early this month, the Temple Devotional and Social were held on Monday afternoon, December 15. The tone of the activity was set during the Devotional and climaxed with the Temple Service Missionaries reciting the " The Living Christ:The Testimony of The Apostles".Even with the activity held on Monday, when many workers were working or are busy attending office and school activities, the event was well attended. The participation of everyone especially during the rendition of the modified song "Twelve Days of Christmas" brought fun and laughter to the crowded hall. The Social which followed after the Devotional ended at 5PM. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Devotional & Social Combined

The Temple Presidency issued the following advisory for Temple Employees and Ordinance Workers regarding the cancelled Devotional last Sunday due to Typhoon Ruby. It will now be a combined Devotional & Social on Dec 15, 

Dear fellow workers:     

The Temple Presidency agreed to hold together our DEVOTIONAL and SOCIAL on Dec 15, 2014.
Details below:

Date:   Dec 15, 2014,  Monday
Time:   Devotional,     1:30pm to 3:00pm
            Social,             3:00pm to 5:00pm
Place:  Cebu City Stake Center
Attire: Sundays Best

In such short notice, kindly help by informing our fellow workers thru call, text or e-mail. Try to reach those without cellphones and no access to email.

Salamat po J.

Temple Presidency

Friday, December 5, 2014

Becoming Stewards of Detail

Temple Employees have their year end reporting done that serves also as the time to learn becoming stewards of details as they perform their responsibilities.The Temple President and the Temple Recorder issued challenge to become a blessing to others in their messages and training.

Temple Changes Schedule


                 Temple Schedule ----  December 6, 2014
                          Temple Open ---  AM Shift Only
                          Last Endowment Session --- 11:00 AM
                 Temple Devotional --- December 7, 2014
                          Postponed until further notice

The following is the email from the Temple Recorder to spread the word;
Attention! friends…please help spread this thru email, text or calls to fellow workers.

Due to SUPERTYPHOON RUBY, the Temple Presidency decided to take pre-emptive actions for our safety:

1.    Dec 6- Sat AM shift (7am to 1pm) will remain open to patrons particularly for those housed (& stranded) in the patron house. Last endowment session is 11am. Workers who lives far from the temple are not expected to report.

2.    Dec 6- Sat PM shift (1pm to 8pm) is closed to workers and patrons. This gives time to individuals to secure themselves and their families. Others to prepare for contingency.

3.    Dec 7- Devotional for Temple Workers is cancelled to allow families to stay together at home for their protection.

Let’s pray fervently that this powerful storm will be tempered by the Lord.

Salamat J…Bro. Mel