Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Poe mentions Church at Senate Hearing

The Church was mentioned during a live televised senate hearing today at the Senate Hall of the Philippines regarding the Freedom of Information Bill.
Major news agencies personalities and a blogger were asked to made presentations voicing their support of the measure during the hearing.
Senator Grace Poe ,chair of the Public Information Committee remarked on the sad state and bad archiving system  of the country’s records.
She then said how the records of her  late father , the late former presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr was  nowhere to be found. His  citizenship  was made an issue in the filing of  a disqualification case during his candidacy. She then recall how his father’s records were obtained  the “Mormons” “ at the Mormon Temple”. The Supreme Court voted 8-5 with one abstention on his favor  declaring him a natural born citizen and qualified to run by the Supreme Court .

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