Friday, April 20, 2012

Brothers in Light Blue Uniforms

L-R Security Guards  Ed Jaca,Al Taghoy, Cel PaƱa, Cio Soronio, Don Alfanta
Among the many security firms vying the contract in securing the complex, a firm was chosen after thorough qualification process by the Church.Securing the complex 24/7 is no easy task. The guards, aside from manning their post, are the first line of contact with walk-in visitors and investigators. It may seem easy ,especially to a member , a missionary or a return missionary to do that . However this kind of missionary moments are new to them, they do not even know what the Church is all about. 
The Church Security Officers provided them training and orientation that enable them to carry out their task more effectively in keeping the Temple and the complex secure and the environment peaceful.  That was two years ago, now five of them are better prepared to interact with visitors and investigators after taking lessons from the missionaries and becoming members of the Church. These brothers are preparing for their Temple recommends and receive blessings for themselves and their families just as it does to the many who enter the Temple and pass through their post at the complex entrance gate.

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MuaHRi said...

I'm happy they are now all members of the church.. :-) They better understand now... great!