Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why is the Temple Closing for Two Weeks?

Closing Date : July 18 -Aug 01, 2011
People are amazed at how the temple kept its astounding beauty and enthralling vantage. The solidly built glazed granite facade bears semblance to a fort yet sublime. Sitting on top of the hill with well trimmed green grasses on the side emphasizes its grand presence.
Fitting indeed, being the Lord's House.To every soul that goes through its welcoming door,a feel of eternity.Its like a gift, just being opened every day.. day in and day out...

Going inside the Temple complex, one can easily notice the ground crews,out in the sun tending the green and trimming the shrubs.Even the walks are dirt cleaned. The housing facility is kept bright and clean.The temperature well adjusted to provide respite to the heat weary guest makes the ambiance filled with warmth among themselves.Those are just about the ancillary facilities,what more inside the temple? 

To keep the Temple as it is , twice a  year it closes for a two week maintenance activities. Aside from the 5 days a week routine maintenance activity, there are things that need be scheduled only at this time. This is the only time when selected non member worker contractors can be provided with limited access inside to do craft which otherwise cannot be done by the Temple employees or member contractors. Interestingly, the way the temple and its ancillaries are operated and maintained by the Temple Employee Team and the Meetinghouse Facility Group makes the 2 week a respite of their usual daily routine. Simply because, they do things that can be done right away and by following on the preventive schedule. When all things are said and done, the common goal for everyone involve is to keep the Temple beautiful and edifying at all times for patrons to come often and perform saving ordinances leading to exaltation.

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